High sound quality

High sound quality

It is not as good as premium high-end audio.

We focus on making music fun.

Corresponds to high sound quality codec

With the exclusively designed driver structure, you can enjoy music with abundant bass and clear treble without compromising the powerful sound of the internal speakers.

Furthermore, by supporting the aptX codec that many Android terminals support, you can enjoy music, movies and games with high sound quality.

Commitment to sound

We bought luxury audio earphone, lost it, it got broken.

Believe the review and try buying a cheap earphone and get disappointed with the sound quality.

I bought a Japanese manufacturer’s earphone, but there was no punch, so after all I tried searching for luxury goods from overseas manufacturers. .

We are also members who are addicted to such earphones.

Design that emphasizes the balance between price and sound quality

Engineers are from acoustic equipment manufacturers and have spent most of their lives in music and instrumental performances. We are promoting development with sound quality balance that it is a level worth buying by listening to themselves with this sense of price.

Beyond earphone, as a hearable

While being an earphone, APlay develops it with the concept of ear wearable, hearable.

It is not designed to enjoy relaxing high sound quality at home, but emphasis on pleasure and ease of listening when listening to sounds in daily commute, school scenes.

Bass can not be skyca by train. During exercise at the gym, rhythm is easy to hear. Developing while conscious of such usage scene.

Hands-free call

Hands-free call

Hands-free call

Hands-free call

Even with a sudden phone call, you can talk without taking your smartphone.

Clear voice

With cVc technology, you can transmit voice to the other party with clear sound with little noise and echo.

Voice Assistant

Voice Assistant

You are notified by voice without picking up Smartphone

APlay Hearable Technology

Voice Assistant

By using in conjunction with the dedicated Android application “APlay”, the voice assistant reads the notification. It will tell you the information you want to know, such as calendar, weather, route information, news, real-time information such as Twitter, LINE, Facebook messenger, SMS etc messages. Since it can cooperate with text notification of any application, its usage is infinite.

HOYA’s high-quality voice synthesis engine “VoiceText” is installed. We will communicate information with a comfortable voice. When audio is played, the volume of music playback is adjusted automatically, so you can hear information accurately while listening to music.

Command control

When a message comes from LINE or facebbok messenger, you can reply directly by voice recognition while moving.

When you want to change your mood, you can switch the music application by button operation. When you want to reply later, you can reply by selecting a partner from the message history by button operation. You can move comfortably without stopping your foot for a bit of operation.

APlay line-up

APlay App


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