APlay PULSE Smart Wireless Earbuds

Revolutionary wireless, hands free, in-ear wearable that allows you to call, message, search, listen to music & receive notifications.

Personal Assistant

Working in conjunction with hundreds of apps like Calendar, Maps, Facebook Messenger, and email, APlay PULSE delivers real time notifications directly to your ear. 

Detangle Yourself

APlay PULSE can stream your music, podcasts, and movies directly from your smartphone without annoying and tangled cords or varying headphone jacks. 

Stay Connected

You can use APlay PULSE like a Bluetooth headset to answer and make calls but with the added benefit of being hands free. 

Ergonomic Design

Designed to fit comfortably for long wear, APlay PULSE features a single button for all functions, a silicon tip for secure hold, and multiple color options.

APlay PULSE: The Heartbeat of Your Smartphone

APlay PULSE is a revolutionary way to stay connected and engaged in the world around you without staring at your phone. This hearable is like having a personal assistant directly in your ear to read you notifications, take calls, and play your music without taking your phone out of your pocket.

Get All Notifications

A single tap of the button and APlay PULSE reads all new notifications on your phone, regardless of the app. Get the lay of your day with weather, calendar, and news read outs. Stay on top of your email inbox, or set reminders through quick voice demands.

Voice Search

Double tap the command button, and APlay PULSE will bring up your phone's virtual assistant: Google, Siri, or Alexa depending on your operating system. Anything that your virtual assistant is capable of can be conveyed through APlay PULSE so you can leave your phone in your pocket. Ask your virtual assistant questions as you normally would directly from APlay PULSE, like: Hey Siri, what's the weather in Los Angeles today? Hey Google; Play Earth Wind & Fire on Spotify. Alexa, order the book Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur off Amazon.

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