Company Profile

Company Name Nain Inc.
Address Aoyamadai building 902, Shibuya 2-9-10, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0002
Establishment date November 7th, 2014
Capital ¥120M
President Kentaro Yamamoto
Contents Hearable devices development

IoT/Wearable software development

株主 Kentaro Yamamoto
Skyland Ventures
MCJ Co., Ltd.
Clients Veldt Inc.,
Onkyo Coporations
UQ Communications Inc.
Japan Finance Corporation
The Japan Net Bank, Limited.
Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Advisors Hidenori Kawamura, Professor at Hokkaido University


Core members had been worked at major electronics makers over 10 years. We have been developing audio UI design, AI technology development, connected cars. We will promote high-efficiency, high-speed manufacturing by conducting projects, designs, circuit designs, incorporation, applications, and cloud software development by ourselves.


Established Nain Inc. in 2014. Pioneer Corporation in 2000-2014.

Kentaro Yamamoto

Founder, CEO

Manage whole software development

Yusuke Takano

Senior Engineer

Eri Miyata

Operation Assistant / Engineer

Yuki Katase

Customer support / Engineer

Network AI Nodes



There are two origins of NAIN.

One is the point of networked AI. It is taken from the acronym of Network AI Nodes.

One is a dwarf in French. It is like seven dwarfs who will help people coming out of Snow White.

Change the way people interact with things

With IoT and deep learning technology, AI is spreading around the world. AI will greatly change the interaction between the Internet and people. It was a world to operate until now, but it will become a world to be automated from now on. We will create a world where we can be more human-like.

Operating a smartphone is supposed to occupy a lot of human activity. Originally technology is what makes people look easy, but now people are deprived of liberty by things. Rather than spending time on people manipulating things, we will make things that will make people’s precious time.

AI devices

The computer is an internet device. A smartphone is a mobile internet device. Life has changed dramatically as devices connected to the infrastructure of the Internet become familiar.

We will make AI devices next to Internet devices. The next infrastructure on the Internet is AI, we connect people and AI to easy, for example, we will create a world that does not require switches and touch operations.