IoT of audio devices

IoT of audio devices

Earphones and headphones are not just for listening to music.

Noise cancellation by DSP, Transparent mode, freely control how to hear music and environmental sounds.

By voice assistant, you can check traffic congestion information, route information, next schedule, message etc. by voice.

Always check healthcare information, activity information by sensor.

Cooperation between applications and clouds is indispensable.

The development cost increases

The development cost increases

On the other hand, software development is always complicated.

Combining hardware development and software development is a painstaking task.

Furthermore, it depends on the OS environment which keeps updating, and it is necessary to keep updating always after release.

A1 Hearable Platform

A1 Hearable Platform

Hearable technologies for all wireless earphones.

Nain brings the hearable software technologies into your wireless audio devices.

Hearable Platform

The earhones, headphones, speakers and other audio equipment can be linked with the cloud service by A1 Hearable Platform packaged with the embedded software, App and the cloud software.



We provide software for Bluetooth device. Enhancement that improves user experience such as EQ setting, button assignment, voice guidance change, etc. is possible.


By connecting to the device with Bluetooth / BLE, it facilitates cooperation with the cloud service.

Cloud software

Alexa, voice assistants such as Google Assistant, and other external services can be linked.

Over-The-Air Update

The cloud connection makes it possible to provide device updates at any time.


You can maintain the relationship with customers through the hearable service.

Service business

In addition to drastically reducing software development costs, it will be possible to build a new business model.