Zeeny Android app announces incoming messages with your Bluetooth earbuds.

Zeeny Android app announces incoming messages with your Bluetooth earbuds *. With the hearable devices market flourishing, Nain Inc. (hereafter referred to as “Nain”), a pioneer in the field, has become the first company to proprietarily develop a hearable app (Zeeny, available on Android) which can provide voice notifications and reading messages out. As of today, the voice notifications features have been made available for free (open architecture) globally. (URL: Hoping to free the internet from screens, Nain began developing app firmware devices specializing in wearable technology as soon as the company was launched in 2014. It was the first to market with the “APlay” headphones featuring voice notification (released in 2016), and the iOS-compatible “Zeeny” (released in 2018) - establishing the company as a pioneer in voice notification technology. Currently, all around the world, new, more liberated ways of working have emerged - for example, entrepreneurs, homeworkers, freelance engineers, drivers of vehicle allocation services, etc. In this new era where people are no longer bound by the borders  that separate work and private life, the amount of information we receive daily via messages and other formats has only increased. We at Nain propose that by enabling users to efficiently receive their messages in real time, without the hassle of reaching for their smartphones, we can create a more productive environment, saving precious time and energy for everyone. When you install the open architecture “Zeeny” app in your Android OS device, it will read any messages your smartphone receives to your Bluetooth headphones. As long as you have a Bluetooth audio device which can pair with your Android device, whether its a pair of headphones, speakers or car audio device, etc., your emails, messages, calendar events, and alerts will be audibly transmitted to you. For example, the “Zeeny” app can help in the following situations.
  • When you’re in a hurry, heading to your meeting, you can have your headphones guide you via audio navigation directions, while also enabling you to receive new messages in a timely manner.
  • Instead of frequently checking your smartphone to confirm your meeting schedules, you can set up reminders to audibly read out your schedule at pre-determined times.
  • Even when you need to concentrate on the work at hand, you can still verify incoming messages in real time.
Please note that Voicetext (which enables text to be played back smoothly), audio quality adjustment features (limited to Spicetone-compatible devices), and voice-response features are only available with the “Zeeny” hearable device from Nain. * Compatible with Android™ 5.0 and later. Can be used by installing “Zeeny” in a smartphone.

Main Features

Voice notifications, to announce incoming messages

Whenever you receive a message from messaging Apps, when news or stock prices are updated, when transportation schedules change, etc., these and other important notifications received by your smartphone will be read aloud to you. You can freely customize your settings to receive only the notifications that you want. Choose what notifications to receive from whatever apps you select, such as traffic information, news, calendar events, weather, and messages. When using the Zeeny device, the simulated voice engine VoiceText™, made by HOYA, will be activated to read notifications, in a clear and comfortable voice. You can also set up the device to register dictionaries of unique voices. Whether you are on the move, or concentrating on the work at hand, you can verify important information, without having to switch your attention to a screen.

Privacy controls, for easily turning off voice notifications

Easy mute operation in home menu
Easy mute operation on notification bar

Zeeny from Nain offers detailed settings:

  • Set voice notifications ON or OFF for each app.
  • Set mute phrases for each app, for titles, text, full text matches, and substring matches from the start of a word, which do not require voice notification.
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