Nain has developed Hearable Voice Operation Assistance Service for building maintenance workers

  We’re proud to announce that Nain, Inc. (“Nain”) has developed Hearable Voice Operation Assistance Service  for building maintenance service providers, which can have field workers of the facility management companies input key data and information efficiently “hands-free basis”without any papers nor device-screens on the sites. .   Nain (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo/CEO: Yamamoto Kentaro) has ever provided proprietary Hearable devices & Voice UI applications for individuals’ communications in the B2C market and applications for Hearable brands in the B2B2C.Furthermore, early this year, we were selected to a company in the program called the "2nd Takasago Thermal Engineering accelerator "just move on!" (hence forth: this program) (*2)", and as a successful accomplishment of the program,  we developed the voice operation assistance service for utility facilities using hearable device. Nain developed the hearable voice operation assistance service for building maintenance in the field of construction sites with the Takasago Thermal Engineering Co., Ltd. We plan to introduce the service  in early 2020. Up until now, at the working sites workers had to check the items on paper or the screen and record the results through handwriting or a smartphone screen. However, by having the hearable device that reads out the items to be checked and filling in the results by voice, we successfully make it possible to reduce the labor cost for the workers on sites.  Now going into the B2B market, Nain believes that Nain’s services via Hearable devices with mounted sensors can contribute to “Work-style Reform” by making the building maintenance operations more comfortable and efficient, and monitoring the field workers’ health conditions real-time basis. Nain plans to expand its business in the field working places like factories, logistic facilities, nursing facilities, airports & port facilities, infrastructure maintenance services including highways, railroads, bridges and dams,, etc. “Sa Yo Na Ra Screens” Nain goes forward to have people get back their precious time and enjoy it by Nain’s comfy and easy communication services. Nain has pushed forward for a digital transformation at field working sites such as the building maintenance and construction sites by introducing this service, and has improved productivity in  places where there is a shortage of workers and greatly contributed to improving the health of the on site workers at real time in the future.  *1 A hearable device is one of the wearable devices which is similar to an earphone and is equipped with making voice input and output. You can use this service by connecting it to the internet via smartphones, tablets, and computers. Not only can it obtain information on voices, but it can also obtain information on human movement and bio-information using motion sensors and pulse sensors.  * 2 URL:https//