“Zeeny Pro Hearable service for business” launched in the Japanese market


~Greatly improves the workflow for workers in the field and productivity for teleworkers by turning business chats from various providers into audio messages~

Nain Inc. (Shibuya-ku Tokyo, president and CEO: Kentaro Yamamoto, hereafter: Nain), the leading company for hearable devices, has launched “Zeeny Pro Hearable service for business” (hereafter, Zeeny Pro), a service that enables workers to use chat tools for business, such as LINE WORKS, Microsoft Teams, Slack, or direct, without needing to handle a device in the Japanese market.

Zeeny Pro comprises the basic function of reading out notifications and a function to record voice messages while pressing a button on the hearable device and transcribing these messages into texts. This function serves to not only transmit the audio data recorded when spoken into the receiver and the text data, but to also automatically play the audio data in all hearable devices in a talk room. This service is provided as a monthly subscription service (monthly fee: from 1,500 yen upwards per user) including a hearable device (any Zeeny product from Nain).

Zeeny Pro’s service aimed at field service workers also offers a voice inspection service specialized on improving work efficiency. In any kind of situation where chat tools are used, this service can reduce the time that is lost when the current task is interrupted to pull out a handheld device and enables smooth communication on par with using a transceiver while keeping a record of the conversation.

On this occasion, Nain also renovated its Logo and official website to further advance its business.

Zeeny Pro Hearable Service

“Zeeny Pro” was developed for workers on-site who need to keep their hands and eyes on their work task, as well as for teleworkers who interact with multiple people at the same time on one screen. It is a hearable service specialized for businesses to carry out communication and operations via audio messaging.

Recently, the digital transformation (DX) of workers by using smartphones has gathered attention as part of the work style reform, and we aim to enable even better hands-free and eyes-free work through our hearable devices and audio UI to further promote DX. In addition to voice operation of chat communication, we also started to provide services enabling voice operation of measurements or inspections with our hearables.

Zeeny Pro features

Zeeny Pro combines business chat tools (such as LINE WORKS, Microsoft Teams, Slack, or direct), which usually rely on text messaging, with a completely wireless earphone-based hearable device (Zeeny by Nain) and a smartphone (Zeeny App) to make it possible to communicate using only an earphone and entirely by voice.
We are also currently working on applying this technology to a new business service for voice operation of inspections in co-development with Takasago Thermal Engineering Co., Ltd.

By launching “Zeeny Pro” at this time, we hope to offer a significant contribution not only to the digital transformation (DX) of workers active in locations such as construction work sites, manufacturing plants, medical care/nursing institutions, or facility maintenance sites, but also to advance UX and increase productivity of communication in large groups for teleworkers working from home.

New logo design

We have updated our Logo so that not only consumers, but also a great number of business people will become aware of our company through Zeeny Pro. A sharply outlined dwarf hat acts as a symbol for an AI that supports people. By giving an impression of state-of-the-art technology and using a strong font for NAIN, we aim to build up trust through the communication with our enterprise customers.

New website design

Our goal is to increase engagement by communicating our company’s core principles and code of conduct to strengthen the appeal of Nain’s three operating businesses, Zeeny, Teeny Pro, and Yv, and to build up an even stronger team structure.

About Nain

Nain was founded in 2014 with the key concept of “Sa Yo Na Ra Screens (Goodbye Screens)”. We plan, develop, and sell the B2C hearable device “Zeeny”, which is a forerunner in the industry working with voice notifications. Nain provides applications and services based on the technology developed with “Zeeny” to a large number of domestic and foreign audio equipment makers.
Nain wants to enable people to use the time in their daily lives as efficiently as possible by making use of wearables instead of wasting precious time on handling their smartphone screen.
As a business supporting workers in the field and teleworkers, it is our goal to provide a solution to intuitively convey information by sound and thereby contribute to the productivity and safety of workers in the field who are often unable to take their hands or eyes off their work as well as teleworkers who find it difficult to concentrate while communicating with many different people.

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