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Face The World

Recover important moments lost by technology.
We are trying to create a world where people can live more like humans.



Hearable devices with
voice services

Bringing comfort and
freedom to your everyday life

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Zeeny Pro Service

Business hearable and
voice services
for field workers

Hearable solutions for businesses
designed for use in the workplace

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Software services
for audio brands

Bringing hearable technology to all audio devices

Yv-Hearable Software Solution
We provide and manage services under your brand.

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WHAT WE DO Freedom to face the world

That's Nain's corporate mission.
We hope to build a world where humans come first. To do that,
we are leveraging technology to get back those precious moments that technology has taken from us.


Since the invention of technology, people have spent more and more of their time operating the things around them. We believe that the next innovation will change that: instead of operating technology, technology will enable us to live more humanly. AI, IoT and wearable technologies will be key to that change.

Precious time, precious people

We envision a world of people who spend their time making connections and creating new things — a world where people are free to study, to draw and to imagine. Whether it is your own time or time spent with friends, every moment should be precious.

A more connected world

Free from the stress of looking at screens, people will be able to move more freely and efficiently. Connecting people with new worlds will create more opportunities to encounter new people, new scenery and new ideas.

Hearable technology

We develop next-generation wearable technology: earphones that allow users to listen to information. We are committed to developing devices that make people feel like they have a sophisticated friend by their side at all times.


Liu Tze Wei機械学習エンジニア

RECRUIT Nain's five guiding principles

  1. 1. Protect the future

    The team at Nain exists to create a brighter future for ourselves, our family and our society.
    We strive to develop products that will be essential for future societies. The products we create should help usher in the future.

  2. 2. We are professionals

    We are a professional team, members of the little society that is Nain.
    The company will train you and cultivate your talent so that we can all achieve success together as a team.

  3. 3. Team first

    Our team is founded on trust.
    Trust is built through words and actions that demonstrate confidence, responsibility and self-reliance as an independent adult. By using our personal strengths to make up for one another's weak points, we can work efficiently and effectively as a team.

  4. 4. Work smart

    We always seek the simplest approach.
    To arrive at the simple solution, we are prepared to try many things. Our time is limited. We take action after considering what method would be most efficient and waste the least time.

  5. 5. Fail fast

    The fastest way to find a solution is to move quickly.
    Regardless of whether an attempt ends in success or failure, learn from the results and immediately move on to the next action.

We are working to solve social problems caused by screen dependence,
as exemplified in the phenomenon of texting while walking.
We are recruiting colleagues who can help us grow our company.


  • Company name

    Nain Inc.

  • Address

    Shibuyaimai building 5F, Shibuya 2-6-14, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0002

  • Establishment date

    November 7, 2014

  • Capital


  • President

    Kentaro Yamamoto

  • Business description

    For business opportunities, media inquiries and questions regarding our business or the services we develop, you can contact us here. (For product support, please inquire through our support center.)